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Your technology partner for design

Blucomb is not only a manufacturer, it is also a highly specialised technological partner for design.

We work side by side with the manufacturer to design the perfect burner for their needs, adapting an existing Blucomb model or creating a new one based on the characteristics of the stove in which it will be installed.

Blucomb micro-gasification burners operate without electricity, they can be placed in a compartment under the combustion chamber in most existing wood-burning stove models, making them bi-fuel and at the same time maximizing their efficiency: this means that the stove can heat the room alternately with wood or pellets.

The burners are made of high thickness stainless steel ensuring maximum resistance and durability.

In section Products we highlight the characteristics of the models in the catalogue among Blucomb micro-gasification burners but we are able to design the best solution for the manufacturer, adapting the burners to suit their technological and design requirements.

Blucomb can also design models from scratch, customised for required shape, size, performance and power adapting to the different potential applications.

Available to the manufacturer

Prototyping support

We guarantee constant support for the design and prototyping of new stove models equipped with our burners.

Customised burner design

We can integrate or adapt our micro-gasification burner models, or develop new models based on the characteristics of stoves already in production.

Stove analysis and pre-test

In our laboratory we can examine efficiency and emissions in detail by conducting pre-certification tests. We also carry out the thermal analysis of the manufacturer’s stove equipped with Blucomb burners.

Towards certification

We offer technical support for the entire stove certification process in collaboration with credited certification laboratories.

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