A story of love and respect for fire

Blucomb was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of the University of Udine, but the company’s history began in 2009 when the founding members got to know each other thanks to Professor Alessandro Peressotti of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Together they design a small portable cooker (called ELSA STOVE), ideal for cooking food, easy and cheap to produce. Thanks to its characteristics of high efficiency, very low harmful emissions and production of vegetable carbon, it is ideal for use by people living in rural areas in developing countries.

The company founded in 2012 collaborates for the following 4 years with the University in consulting, research and development on biomass combustion and production of vegetable coal (biochar), actively contributing to obtaining permission to use it as an agricultural soil improver.

Thanks to the invention of the stove, it is involved in several international projects together with the University of Udine, international institutions and some NGOs, with the aim of know-how transfer and capacity building. In other words, Blucomb teaches local populations of several African countries (Ghana, Togo, Sierra Leone, Cameroun, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia) how to build the stove with locally available materials and technologies.

At the same time, Blucomb begins experimentation to integrate the same technology into domestic heating systems. Almost two years of work to get at the first prototype of stove built together with Mario Morassi, from Karniafire, a handicraft company from Tolmezzo.

In 2018 Blucomb obtains its first patent patent on the combustion process based on pyrolysis and production of biochar.

The revolution of fire

The Blucomb pellet burner not only means innovation in the type of combustion, but also represents a new concept of domestic heat production, an alternative to traditional wood burning stoves and forced ventilation electric pellet stoves.

Today Blucomb has become a selected partner for the development of new lines of product which integrate micro-gasification burners of both European industrial and handicraft companies in the sector.

Blucomb offers its customers the analysis of combustion parameters and product efficiency, designs and manufactures the working prototype implemented with its burner and performs all the pre-tests necessary for product certification.

Blucomb actively collaborates with Assocosma and other European trade associations, offering refresher training for stove makers who want to know and use this technique for their own projects.

Blucomb is also a member of the Italian Thermotechnical Committee and takes part in the drafting of European regulations for the sector.