Separate-phase combustion

Our technology ensures a significant reduction of CO and particulate emission compared to traditional combustion. With our separate-phase combustion process the biomass burns in phases.


During the first phase, thanks to a partial combustion, the material decomposes into wood-gas and char which is subsequently converted into gas and ash. This results in optimal and clean combustion.


Our burners operate thanks to a Top-lit/Up-Draft gasification process where the burner geometry triggers the optimum air flow.


After a few minutes from the ignition a separation of the gas generation zone from the gas combustion zone takes place and this allows the gas to burn perfectly with a homogeneous reaction.


Thanks to this process and to our geometry a flame-layer takes place above the gas generation zone forcing every particle to pass through it and burn completely.



The innovative combustion obtained through the patented Blucomb burners significantly reduces polluting emissions to guarantee CO, NOx and particulate matter emission levels far lower than any other traditional combustion.







Thanks to the Blucomb patented air injection system, the combustion can be carried out at very low Oxygen amount. This enhance stove performances and can produce significant Efficiency improvement.