We shape clean fire according to your design

Why to choose Blucomb burner?

A magnetic flame

The Blucomb flame releases a warm and reassuring light with beautiful shape and movements.

Very low emissions and high efficiency

Unprecedented combustion control thanks to micro-gasification process.

No electrical components

The Blucomb burner works in natural draft as in the tradition of wood.


From wood to pellets and return

We integrate our pellet burners in traditional stove models without precluding the classic wood-burning functioning.

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Detailed stove analisys

Detailed analysis of the producer’s stove. Efficiency, emissions, thermal analisys.


Dedicated burner design

Integration of our patented burners or development of new models for the stoves already produced by the manufacturer.

Full prototyping support

Continuous support for the design and for the prototyping of new stove models with integrated our burners.

Certification process support

Technical assistance for the certification process of the stove and for the dialogue with the certification bodies.


Micro-gasification process

Our burners operate thanks to a Top-lit/Up-Draft gasification process where the burner geometry triggers the optimum air flow.

Innovation and naturalness

Our burners combine the practicality and innovation of pellets gasification with the elegance of natural fire, all without the use of electricity.

Patented burners design

The burners we produce use our patented micro-gasification method, which allows the combustion to be handled optimally.

Take control over combustion

A brand new method of conceiving fire thanks to the separate phases’ combustion. Unprecedented control over combustion parameters.


Why to work with us?


We are constantly looking for new technical solutions for the improvement of combustion. Working with us allows the manufacturer to use our burners, our patents and our know-how.


Blucomb has over 8 years of experience in pyrolysis and micro-gasification processes. Our technology is used in different Countries around the World in heating and cooking applications.


We adapt our burners to technical and design needs of the manufacturer. We program with the manufacturer the advancement of the projects according to the necessary timing.

Our clients and partners

About us

Blucomb was established by a team of experts, technicians and engineers to help mitigate climate change and promote sustainable and clean use of biomass for heat and energy production.

Our mission

Our mission is the development of innovative combustion solutions with a low environmental impact to apply to energetically efficient heating systems made by producers.